How to Manage Suspected Cases of Ebola in Primary Care

This module consists of ten clinical cases which have been developed following common queries to public health and infectious diseases experts.

The module offers advice about what to do when advising patients over the phone and for patients who are inadvertently seen in a surgery environment before any form of triage. You will learn about:

• Important symptoms
• Incubation periods
• The risks of other more common diseases that could be missed or mismanaged due to your attention being deflected by concerns over Ebola risk
• Routes of transmission of Ebola
• How to minimise risk, and
• The safe transport of patients to another location for further assessment.

The module is correct at the date on which the module was written, and we would advise that you keep up to date with the most recent recommendations/countries of high risk etc. as these are likely to change over time.

Module Lead Author:

Dr Rhianwen Stiff

Peer Review:

Dr Geraint Preest MB BCh DRCOG MRCGP (GP Clinical Lead Editor BMJ OnExamination)
Dr Alun Scourfield (Clinical Concepts Editor BMJ OnExamination)
Sister Lynne Jones