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April 2015 Monthly Quiz

Last month's question:

Which of the following pharmacological agents acts through the opening of potassium channels?

Answer: Nicorandil


Nicorandil is a potent potassium channel activator. It relaxes vascular smooth muscle through membrane hyperpolarisation via increased transmembrane potassium conductance and, like nitrates, through an increase in intracellular cyclic guanosine monophosphate (GMP).

Glibenclamide blocks potassium channels.

Amiloride inhibits the action of aldosterone on the distal convoluted tubule producing potassium reabsorption.


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In a study healthy volunteers are given 50 mls of 50% dextrose solution by one of two routes. Route A is intravenous and route B is via a nasogastric tube.

Every 15 minutes the plasma insulin level and glucose are measured and plotted on a graph.

Which of the following statements would best describe the likely results comparing route A to route B in this experiment?

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