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Identification Of Female Gene Link Offers New Hope For Migraine Sufferers

from MNTobsgyn - 05 Jun 12

New hope has arrived for migraine sufferers following a Griffith University study with the people of Norfolk Island. Led by Professor Lyn Griffiths from the University's Griffith Health Institute, the team has identified a new region on the X chromosome as playing a role in migraine. The research provides compelling evidence for a new migraine susceptibility gene involved in migraine...


Menstrual cycle 'affects asthma'

from BBC - 09 Nov 12

A woman's menstrual cycle affects the severity of respiratory symptoms, potentially worsening conditions such as asthma, a study suggests.


Cutaneous B-Cell Neoplasms Mimicking Granulomatous Rosacea or Rhinophyma

from ArchDerm - 01 Jul 12

BackgroundUnlike T-cell neoplasms, B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders have a limited clinical spectrum of skin involvement. Cutaneous B-cell neoplasms mimicking rosacea or rhinophyma are rare.ObservationsWe described 12 patients with B-cell lymphoproliferative neoplasms presenting with a facial eruption clinically mimicking rosacea or rhinophyma. Eleven patients were women; ages ranged from 36 to 81 years. The clinical presentation included small papules on the nose and cheeks and around the e


Trans Fat Ban Has Led To Healthier Fast Food Meals In NYC

from MNTcvs - 17 Jul 12

The ban that New York City authorities introduced in 2006 to restrict use of trans fats in fast-food restaurants has led to residents eating healthier fast food meals that are substantially and significantly lower in trans fats. Also, those meals have not increased their saturated fat content to compensate...


Disadvantaged Children Get Prepared For The Rigors Of Kindergarten When They Attend Preschools

from MNTpaeds - 27 Feb 12

Preschools help children prepare for the rigors of grade school - especially children who come from a minority family, a poor family, or whose parents don't provide high-quality interactions...


Sensible Alcohol Consumption Not Understood By Many Young People

from MNTpaeds - 23 Feb 12

A new study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Review reveals that young people do not possess the knowledge or skills required to adhere to government guidelines for responsible alcohol consumption. This article is part of the March special themed issue of the journal on low risk drinking guidelines...


Babies' Immunity Boosted By Adding Prebiotics To Infant Formula That Feeds Their Gut Bacteria

from MNTpaeds - 02 Mar 12

Adding prebiotic ingredients to infant formula helps colonize the newborn's gut with a stable population of beneficial bacteria, and probiotics enhance immunity in formula-fed infants, two University of Illinois studies report...


Research Suggests Omega-3 Fatty Acids Could Prevent And Treat Nerve Damage

from MNTneuro - 12 Jan 12

Research from Queen Mary, University of London suggests that omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in fish oil, have the potential to protect nerves from injury and help them to regenerate. When nerves are damaged because of an accident or injury, patients experience pain, weakness and muscle paralysis which can leave them disabled, and recovery rates are poor...


Concussion A Serious Hazard For Teenagers

from MNTpaeds - 01 Mar 12

A new study has demonstrated that adolescents are more vulnerable to sport-related concussion, compared with adults or children...


Be Sensible and Cautious About Criticizing Tunnel Placement in ACL Reconstruction Commentary on an article by Duncan E. Meuffels, MD, PhD, et al.: “Computer-Assisted Surgery Is Not More Accurate or Pr

from JBJS Case Reports - 05 Sep 12

Correct placement of the femoral and tibial tunnels is the key to rapidly restoring motion and maintaining stability after reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Incorrect tunnel placement causes graft failure, which can lead to recurrent instability, stiffness, and prolonged recovery that cannot be prevented by adjusting other variables such as the graft material and size, rehabilitation program, timing of return to sport, and bracing. Unfortunately, there is currently no unive


Pediatrician's Personality, Empathy Trump Knowledge Of Spanish, Quick Service For Latina Moms

from MNTpaeds - 27 Feb 12

A small study of Latina women with young children led by a researcher at Johns Hopkins Children's Center shows moms value a pediatrician's empathy and warmth far more than their ability to speak Spanish or other conveniences. A report on the findings is published online in Maternal and Child Health Journal...


Pediatric Combo Vaccine Linked To Slight Risk Of Febrile Seizure

from MNTpaeds - 21 Feb 12

A study, published in JAMA of almost 400,000 children, showed that children had an increased risk of febrile seizures, a convulsion that occurs secondary to a rapid increase in body temperature on the day of the first and second vaccination, with the combined diphtheria-tetanus toxoids-acellular pertussis-inactivated poliovirus - Haemophilus influenzae type b (DTaP-IPV-Hib) vaccine...


Long-Term Hormonal Adaptations to Weight Loss

from NEJM - 25 Jan 12

New England Journal of Medicine, Volume 366, Issue 4, Page 380-382, January 2012.


Playing Video Games May Benefit Kids With Cerebral Palsy

from MNTpaeds - 10 May 12

According to a study published online in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, children with cerebral palsy (CP) may benefit from playing active video games (AVG), such as Nintendo's Wii...


Berlin's Neuroscientists Decode Important Mechanism Of Nerve Cell Communication

from MNTneuro - 23 Dec 11

By researching fruit flies, neuroscientists of the NeuroCure Cluster of Excellence in Berlin were able to gain a better understanding of a meaningful mechanism of neuronal communication. They demonstrated the importance of a specific protein for signal transmission between nerve cells...


Detecting Down Syndrome Risk - Noninvasive Method Efficient and Accurate

from MNTpaeds - 24 Feb 12

Two studies published online, ahead of the April issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology (AJOG), show that the risk of a fetus having chromosomal abnormalities that cause Down syndrome, and a genetic disorder known as Edwards syndrome, can now be almost precisely be identified by using a noninvasive test on maternal blood that involves a novel biochemical assay...


Previously Unknown Cause Of Epilepsy Revealed By Genome Sequencing

from MNTepilepsy - 27 Feb 12

Only 10 years ago, deciphering the genetic information from one individual in a matter of weeks to find a certain disease-causing genetic mutation would have been written off as science fiction...


Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine Should Be Given To Boys, According To AAP

from MNTpaeds - 28 Feb 12

A recent study, published in the journal Pediatrics , explains that males should be getting the vaccine for human papilloma viruses (HPV), not only females. It is recommended by professionals that young people should start receiving the vaccine around age 11...


Alternative To Amniocentesis And CVS: Noninvasive Method Accurately And Efficiently Detects Risk Of Down Syndrome

from MNTpaeds - 23 Feb 12

Using a noninvasive test on maternal blood that deploys a novel biochemical assay and a new algorithm for analysis, scientists can detect, with a high degree of accuracy, the risk that a fetus has the chromosomal abnormalities that cause Down syndrome and a genetic disorder known as Edwards syndrome...


Relationship Between the Depth of Facial Wrinkles and the Density of the Retinacula Cutis [Study]

from ArchDerm - 16 Jan 12

Objective  To identify whether there is a relationship between the depth of facial wrinkles and the density of the retinacula cutis in the subcutaneous tissue of the skin. Design  Wrinkle depth was assessed with image analysis on the forehead and the lateral canthus of human cadavers. The density of the retinacula cutis was measured in Azan-Mallory–stained skin sections obtained around the wrinkles. Setting  Gross Anatomy Section, Kagoshima University Graduate School of Med


Study Suggests Underage Drinking Laws Reduce Future Criminal Behavior

from MNTpaeds - 27 Feb 12

Do strict underage drinking laws really have a positive impact on society? A recent study finds that strictly enforcing possession of alcohol under the legal age or PULA (also known as PAULA) laws on teenagers reduces the likelihood that they will engage in alcohol-related crime as adults...


Actinic Keratosis Treatment Newly On Prescription

from MNTderm - 18 Mar 12

A new topical gel now available by prescription significantly decreases the amount of time needed to treat actinic keratosis, a skin condition that is a common precursor to skin cancer, according to a multi-center trial led by researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine...


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