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Breaking bacterial biofilm layer could resolve serious skin infections and save lives

from MNTderm - 29 Aug 14

Like a protective tent over a colony of harmful bacteria, biofilms make the treatment of skin infections especially difficult.


Photodynamic therapy vs. cryotherapy for actinic keratoses

from MNTderm - 27 Aug 14

Photodynamic therapy (PDT, which uses topical agents and light to kill tissue) appears to better clear actinic keratoses (AKs, a common skin lesion caused by sun damage) at three months after...


GPs develop audit to save NHS millions in the battle against skin cancer

from MNTderm - 26 Aug 14

The Royal College of General Practitioners is calling for all GPs who carry out practice-based dermatological surgery to record and upload their figures as part of a UK-wide information gathering...


First clinical trial for new skin wound-healing compound is a success

from MNTderm - 25 Aug 14

Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute scientist Robert Gourdie developed a wound-healing peptide while researching how electrical signals trigger heartbeats.


Ecologically hyper-diverse fungus that causes dandruff tracked to deep sea vents

from MNTderm - 24 Aug 14

A ubiquitous skin fungus linked to dandruff, eczema and other itchy, flaky maladies in humans has now been tracked to even further global reaches - including Hawaiian coral reefs and the extreme...


Researchers identify proteins critical to wound healing

from MNTderm - 21 Aug 14

Mice missing two important proteins of the vascular system develop normally and appear healthy in adulthood, as long as they don't become injured.


Patient, tumor characteristics for high-mitotic rate melanoma

from MNTderm - 20 Aug 14

A study in Australia examined patient and tumor characteristics for melanomas with higher mitotic rates (a marker of tumor cell growth) in an effort to increase earlier detection of this aggressive...


Drug for bone marrow disease 'restores hair in patients with alopecia areata'

from MNTderm - 18 Aug 14

A drug called ruxolitinib restored hair in patients with alopecia areata - an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss - according to the early results of a clinical trial.


New biomaterial can coat tricky burn wounds and block out infection

from MNTderm - 12 Aug 14

Wrapping wound dressings around fingers and toes can be tricky, but for burn victims, guarding them against infection is critical.


FDA approves Orbactiv to treat skin infections

from MNTderm - 08 Aug 14

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Orbactiv (oritavancin), a new antibacterial drug to treat adults with skin infections.


Climate change could drive rise in debilitating disease

from MNTderm - 07 Aug 14

A disease prevalent in developing countries could be spread by the changes in rainfall patterns according to a new study.


Study identifies genetic variants associated with severe skin reactions to commonly used antiepileptic drug

from MNTderm - 05 Aug 14

Researchers have identified genetic variants that are associated with severe adverse skin reactions to the antiepileptic drug phenytoin, according to a study in the August 6 issue of JAMA.


Wound closure involves cooperative compression

from MNTderm - 04 Aug 14

The process by which wounds are repaired is more complex than was previously thought, reports a paper published online this week in Nature Physics.


Pathogen behavior influenced by communication between nostril/skin microbiome bacteria

from MNTderm - 24 Jul 14

A team of scientists has made an important discovery about the molecular interactions that occur between generally benign species of Propionibacterium bacteria and the pathogenic bacterium...


New ways science reaches the public: study of dermatology on YouTube

from MNTderm - 12 Jul 14

YouTube is for more than watching World Cup highlights, Brian Williams refreshing old school rap classics, and videos of skateboarders landing in unfortunate positions on railings.


Two-gene test differentiates psoriasis from eczema

from MNTderm - 11 Jul 14

After analyzing the molecular processes involved, researchers in Germany have developed a test that can differentiate psoriasis from eczema on the basis of only two genes.


Positive results from Phase 2b study of dupilumab in patients with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis announced

from MNTderm - 11 Jul 14

Sanofi and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. have announced positive results from a Phase 2b dose-ranging study of dupilumab, an investigational therapy, in adult patients with moderate-to-severe...


Activating wound healing and skin regeneration with sandalwood scent

from MNTderm - 10 Jul 14

Skin cells possess an olfactory receptor for sandalwood scent, as researchers at the Ruhr-Universitat Bochum have discovered.


Dramatic improvements seen in children with eczema after wet wrap therapy

from MNTderm - 09 Jul 14

The number of children with atopic dermatitis, often referred to as eczema, is on the rise. Some estimate that one in five children in the U.S. now suffers from the painful, itchy skin condition.


Hyperspectral imaging - noninvasive, painless way to determine how well damaged tissue is healing over a wide area

from MNTderm - 04 Jul 14

Today, doctors who really want to see if a wound is healing have to do a biopsy or some other invasive technique that, besides injuring an already injured patient, can really only offer information...


Sunscreen users motivated by fear of skin cancer

from MNTderm - 03 Jul 14

We're often told that worrying can be harmful to one's health. But University at Buffalo researchers say that when it comes to preventing skin cancer, a little fear is good for you.


How a wrinkle becomes a crease

from MNTderm - 28 Jun 14

Wrinkles, creases and folds are everywhere in nature, from the surface of human skin to the buckled crust of the Earth. They can also be useful structures for engineers.


Some acne products can cause serious allergic reactions, FDA warns

from MNTderm - 27 Jun 14

Over the counter skin products for acne that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can cause rare but serious and potentially life-threatening reactions, say FDA.


New material improves wound healing and keeps bacteria from sticking

from MNTderm - 25 Jun 14

As many patients know, treating wounds has become far more sophisticated than sewing stitches and applying gauze, but dressings still have shortcomings.


Rapid DNA changes that act as molecular sunscreen

from MNTderm - 25 Jun 14

The molecular building blocks that make up DNA absorb ultraviolet light so strongly that sunlight should deactivate them - yet it does not.


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