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We need to improve dental health of Canada's seniors

from MNTdentistry - 18 Aug 14

Many seniors in Canada have poor oral health, and we need to start the conversation about how to improve access to dental care for this vulnerable group, argues an editorial published in CMAJ...


What's the best way to brush teeth? Even dentists and dental associations don't agree

from MNTdentistry - 08 Aug 14

Advice on how we should brush our teeth from dental associations and toothpaste companies is 'unacceptably inconsistent', finds new UCL research.


Only 1 in 10 smokers who visited a dentist received advice to quit

from MNTdentistry - 31 Jul 14

Not all smokers receive tobacco cessation advice from health care providers (HCPs), according to a study from Ohio State University.


Stem cells from nerves form teeth

from MNTdentistry - 30 Jul 14

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have discovered that stem cells inside the soft tissues of the tooth come from an unexpected source, namely nerves.


New study reveals widespread support for rapid HIV testing in dental surgeries

from MNTdentistry - 17 Jul 14

More than 80 per cent of oral health patients are willing to receive rapid HIV-testing in dental settings, which could help reduce the spread of the HIV according to a groundbreaking study revealed...


Adult stem cells could treat tooth loss

from MNTdentistry - 02 Jul 14

Pioneering techniques aiming to grow new teeth from a patient's own stem cells will be on display at the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition which opens to the public on 1 July 2014.


Impact of sugar on tooth decay remains a major health concern, says FGDP(UK)

from MNTdentistry - 30 Jun 14

It is important that the effect of sugar intake on tooth decay is considered alongside obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease as a major public health challenge, according to the Faculty of...


Vascular health in indigenous Australians improved by treating gum disease

from MNTdentistry - 30 Jun 14

A simple non-surgical gum disease treatment markedly reduces the thickness of the wall of the arteries, a risk factor for heart disease, according to a first of its kind study among Aboriginal...


New insight into oral microbiome offered by computational technique

from MNTdentistry - 25 Jun 14

Scientists have applied a new technique to comprehensively analyze the human oral microbiome - providing greater knowledge of the diversity of the bacteria in the mouth.


Dental hygiene profession sees 'moment of opportunity' to improve access to oral health care

from MNTdentistry - 24 Jun 14

As dental hygienists prepare to take increased responsibilities, Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice provides critical updatesWith opportunities to take increased responsibility for...


New Journal of Medical Imaging highlights improvements in imaging of retina, brain, breast, more

from MNTdentistry - 15 Jun 14

The Journal of Medical Imaging (JMI) has launched, with freely accessible articles on new research on earlier and more accurate diagnosis and monitoring of cancer and other diseases, image quality...


Immune system selectively disarmed by gum disease bacteria

from MNTdentistry - 14 Jun 14

The human body is comprised of roughly 10 times more bacterial cells than human cells.


Better communication is key to overall oral health

from MNTdentistry - 13 Jun 14

Many people delay and even skip visits to the dentist due to anxiety and fear.


Dental pulp stem cells may lead to heat stroke treatment

from MNTdentistry - 09 Jun 14

Scientists in Taiwan have found that intravenous injections of stem cells derived from human exfoliated deciduous tooth pulp (SHED) have a protective effect against brain damage from heat stroke in...


Knowledge and confidence helps dentists care for scleroderma patients

from MNTdentistry - 02 Jun 14

A survey of dentists in Massachusetts suggests that their confidence in treating patients with scleroderma may be related to their familiarity with the autoimmune disease.


Researchers use lasers to coax teeth into repairing themselves

from MNTdentistry - 29 May 14

Non-invasive lasers are set to transform dental treatment as a study showing how they can coax stem cells to regenerate tooth tissue lays the foundation for a host of applications.


Could red wine be used to prevent dental cavities?

from MNTdentistry - 27 May 14

The human mouth is a complex habitat for hundreds of microbes. Drugs tackling these bacteria are prone to side effects, so scientists are now investigating natural remedies.


Oral bacteria may cause heart disease

from MNTdentistry - 20 May 14

A University of Florida study shows that the same bacteria that cause gum disease also promotes heart disease - a discovery that could change the way heart disease is diagnosed and treated.


Early preventive dental care not received by many children

from MNTdentistry - 07 May 14

Less than one per cent of healthy urban children surveyed in Toronto had received dental care by the recommended age of 12 months and less than two per cent had seen a dentist by the age of 24 months.


Athletes' risk of concussion reduced by custom-made mouthguards

from MNTdentistry - 06 May 14

When it comes to buying a mouthguard, parents who want to reduce their child's risk of a sports-related concussion should visit a dentist instead of a sporting goods store.


New easier to harden dental filling material makes dental treatment faster and easier

from MNTdentistry - 03 May 14

In modern dentistry, amalgam fillings have become unpopular. Instead, white composite materials are more commonly used, which at first glance can hardly be distinguished from the tooth.


Potential stroke therapy: stem cells from teeth form brain-like cells

from MNTdentistry - 02 May 14

Researchers have discovered stem cells from teeth can develop and 'form complex networks of brain-like cells,' which could yield a stroke treatment for years after a stroke occurs.


Educational debt and intended employment choice among dental school seniors

from MNTdentistry - 01 May 14

Authors examine the association between dental school debt and career choices in the article, "Educational Debt and Intended Employment Choice Among Dental School Seniors.


Smokers' taste buds 'do not allow them to taste bitterness of coffee'

from MNTdentistry - 29 Mar 14

Though conventional pairing has cigarettes and coffee going together, researchers have found that the toxic chemicals in tobacco may hamper taste bud regeneration, resulting in smokers not being able to adequately taste the bitterness of their regular cup of joe.


The safety, efficacy and value of water fluoridation in oral health care

from MNTdentistry - 25 Mar 14

During the 43rd Annual Meeting & Exhibition of the American Association for Dental Research, held in conjunction with the 38th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Association for Dental Research, a symposium titled "Water Fluoridation: Safety Efficacy and Value in Oral Health Care" took place. This symposium was chaired by Stephen H. Abrams, Cliffcrest Dental Office, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


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